Make Classroom Management Easy. Attend Our Webinar!

How are your teachers managing student devices in the classroom? Can they easily they see who’s working, who needs help, and who is off-task? Do they have access to automated teaching assistance, with easy teacher-to-student messaging, insights and access controls? Are you leveraging the latest in artificial-intelligence technology to improve learning outcomes at your school?

If not, attend and invite your teaching staff to our webinar Classroom Management Made Easy, on Wednesday, May 9, at 11 AM CDT.

We’ll talk about how advanced AI can surface insights about student activity, a better solution than constantly monitoring student screens during class time. In Lightspeed Systems Classroom, we make it easy for teachers to keep students on track and spot issues, saving valuable instruction time.

Amplified IT recently shared their favorite Classroom features with us in this blog post. With Classroom, you can boost student-teacher communication, give teachers flexibility in viewing student activity, and quickly identify outliers who need more teacher attention — all in one solution built just for K-12.

See all of these features and more in action during the webinar and get all of your questions answered. Register here! (And if you can’t make it on Wednesday, please sign up anyway — we’ll email you a link of the recorded webinar to view at your leisure.)

Did you know Classroom is included with Relay at no additional cost? It’s also available for licensing as a stand-alone solution.

Get a personalized demo today to see how Classroom can power learning at your school. We’ll see you at the webinar!

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