Classroom Orchestrator to Classroom FAQ

Coming this summer, the Classroom Orchestrator you are familiar with will be updated with a new interface and features. With these updates, Classroom Orchestrator will be called Classroom.

    When will I see the new Classroom interface and features?

  • Before the end of this Summer, Classroom will be available to all current Classroom Orchestrator users. However, you can be one of the first to preview the new Classroom interface by requesting access. Complete this form and we will set you up with a preview of the new interface.
  • Early Access Request Classroom Preview

    • Needed to bind to your organization

    What should I expect to see when I log in to the Classroom preview for the first time?

  • The Classroom preview will be a clean (empty) environment and you need to import users and groups to the preview.
  • Which devices and operating systems are supported during the Classroom preview?

  • For this preview, only Mac OS and Chrome devices are supported for Classroom. After this preview period is over, Classroom will support all Mac, Chrome, and Windows devices.
  • What happens on August 1?

  • When your users log in to, they will see the new interface with your existing users and groups already imported.
  • After I log in, how do I get started with the new Classroom?

  • When the Classroom Administrator first logs into Classroom, they will get taken to the Getting Started steps. You can also follow our Getting Started with Classroom guide to setup Classroom.
  • Where can I learn more about these new features?

  • Visit our Community Site and read our Classroom documentation for more details.
  • How can I help make the new Classroom interface even better?

  • We would love to know your experiences with the Classroom preview. Complete this feedback form and let us know what you think of the new updates.
  • Early Access Feedback Classroom