10 Things You Can Do With Classroom Orchestrator

How does one teacher keep 30 or more students on as many devices on-track and on-task? It’s easy with Classroom Orchestrator. Classroom Orchestrator is our classroom management solution for Chromebooks and Windows devices – and it’s transforming classrooms across the world.


Here are 10 ways you can use Classroom Orchestrator in your classrooms.

1. Keep an eye on all students while you move through the classroom. While your students are working away on assignments, you can keep an eye on everyone’s device screens as you move through the room or catch up on grading at your desk.

2. Help a student who’s stuck. Whether the student doesn’t know where to click or can’t solve a problem, you can take control without interrupting the lesson by remote controlling the student’s device to help them out. (Windows devices only.)

3. Get everyone the resources they need. When you want students to access a particular website, you probably write it on the whiteboard and ask them to go to it; inevitably, a few of them type it incorrectly and ask for help. With Classroom Orchestrator, you can push a web link/shortcut to your whole class in a single click, so everyone can access it quickly (with no typos or issues).

4. Record a student’s work to show off at a parent/teacher conference. When you see a student doing great work, just click Record to document their activity. These are great for sharing at parent/teacher conferences or even taking to meetings with administrators. (Bonus: A rolling cache means the recording starts even before you click Record, so you’re guaranteed to capture the activity you want.)

5. Let all students see what you see. Broadcast your screen to all your students’ devices so they can follow along with your lesson. There’s no need for projectors and no need to worry about low visibility for students in the back of the room.

6. Get your students’ eyes up-front. It’s easy to get your students off their devices and focused on you by locking a whole class of devices in a single click.

7. See where students are going online. You can view URL history for any student to see what websites he’s accessing. You can even open and close individual browser tabs to keep students from getting distracted by other sites. (Chrome OS devices only.)

8. Make the most of instructional time. You can make the most of your limited class time — and your limited eyes — by monitoring all your students’ screens at once from your dashboard. Zoom in to monitor individual students as necessary.

9. Get all students all the resources they need. There are probably a few websites that a class will use all year; a few more than are essential to a particular unit; and then a few more for a single lesson or day. With Classroom Orchestrator, it’s easy to share all those resources with your classes.

10. Keep all your classes organized. SIS integration can organize students in the right classes from day one — no manual entry required. Plus, it’s easy to switch between classes or groups so you can quickly access the information you need.

These are just a few of the ways teachers use Classroom Orchestrator to keep their students on-task so they can excel.

Request a demo to see how Classroom Orchestrator can take your Chromebook and Windows deployments to the next level.

You’ll see some of the administrator controls that make this a safe solution that minimizes the impact on your network while maximizing the impact of your devices in the classroom.

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