Our Back-to-School Gift to You

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Our Rocket Web Filter and Email Manager customers can expect a nice surprise when they log into their boxes today: a slew of new custom reports that we’ve created and sent straight to your Rocket. That means as students come back to school and back to your network, you’ll have the detailed information you need at your fingertips without having to do a thing!

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What Your Suspicious Activity Reports Should Be Telling You

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When you’re checking out a new content filtering solution, its marketing materials will probably boast about the filter’s advanced reporting. But the truth is the reporting capabilities of web filter solutions — especially those built for enterprise rather than schools — vary wildly. And if your IT department is managing a network of hundreds or thousands of devices, you can’t afford to spend precious office hours monitoring daily web activity.

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The Top 4 Uses for Web Zones

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Are your teachers and administrators using Web Zones? If not, they’re missing out on an important feature inside Lightspeed Systems Web Filter.

So what’s a Web Zone? Think of a Web Zone as a private room: Basically, teachers set up a zone to expand or restrict Web access temporarily. Although Web Filter’s flexible and customizable policies are ideal in most scenarios, there are times when individuals, small groups or classes may need more or less access to the Internet for a while. One way to accomplish this is with Web Zones.

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The Power of the Web Activity Report

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Blocking and allowing content is only half of the web filtering story. The other half is reporting. You need data about what your users are doing — and the information you want to see is probably different than the information someone else wants to see so it’s important that those reports be customizable. That’s what we provide with the Web Activity report.

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Announcing Our New Solution, Teacher Dashboard

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Unburdened IT departments, empowered teachers, efficient instruction, and productive students: If a school device program is equipped with tools for balancing management, all this is possible.

Meet Teacher Dashboard, the new solution from Lightspeed Systems. Through Teacher Dashboard’s clean, easy-to-use interface, teachers control classroom management so IT can focus on network management. Here, teachers have fast access to Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, Mobile Manager, Classroom Orchestrator and new content database Campus Library.

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10 Questions You Need the Answers To

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From a high-level overview to a drill-down into details, your school web filter should offer easy access to information about web activity — so you can manage your network, adjust policies, re-educate abusers and more. Lightspeed Systems Web Filter was designed so that IT can get quick answers to whatever you need to know. Here are just 10 examples.

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