New! Protecting Privacy: Lightspeed Systems Overview

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Everyone in education is talking about student data privacy these days. As CoSN says in their Privacy Toolkit, “It is critical that leaders in education, industry and policy find ways to ensure student privacy, while continuing to encourage innovative uses of technology and student data.” They advise schools to develop data privacy policies and to ensure that any vendors providing services to them adhere to those policies and meet federal regulations for protecting student data privacy.

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Happy Back to School from Lightspeed Systems!

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Summer has flown by, and it’s back-to-school time already! Here are a few things that have been happening around Lightspeed that you won’t want to miss:

Our new training portal

training courses

If you haven’t checked it out, go take a look. We have courses, lessons, videos, and interactive labs for our Web Filter, Mobile Manager, My Big Campus, Rocket and Mobile Learning Essentials products. In true back-to-school spirit, you could see how you do on the quizzes and tests. (You’ll need to be logged in to the Community Site to view some of these. Register here if you haven’t already.)

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Why Speed and Duplex Matters

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The most common implementation of a Lightspeed Systems Rocket Web Filter is to place the appliance between the firewall and the core switch with the external interface connected to the firewall and the internal interface connected to the core switch. Because the Rocket operates as a Layer 2 transparent bridge you should think about it as a specialized wire connecting your firewall to your switch.

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Update on Google Encrypted Services

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Note: The original post has been modified to reflect the latest information and status from our conversations with Google.

Disclaimer: this is a long post, but filtering and accessing Google services is a top concern for our customers, so I wanted to explain things clearly and in detail.

Google is actively moving all of its services to being delivered over a fully encrypted (https) connection. Many of these services have been encrypted for some time and we have made it a priority to work with Google to help them move these services to encrypted connections in a way that allows schools the effective web filtering they need. While we work with Google to create these solutions, we have added features to the Web Filter to work around the issue. One example of this is the failsafe feature that is an option in our Web Filter policies.

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Mobile Manager Webinar Replay & FAQ

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Yesterday we hosted a Mobile Manager webinar that provided information on the benefits of Mobile Manager, the new features in v3 (like Managed Distribution, Device Enrollment Program, and Smart Groups), and migration from v1 to v3. We had more than 500 people register, and before and during the webinar hundreds of questions came in. Thank you all for your participation!

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Want a new feature? Get it developed at the LightspeedConnect Hack-a-Thon!

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As if you needed another reason to attend LightspeedConnect 2014, here’s the latest: The first-ever Lightspeed Systems Hack-a-Thon — where YOU will get to work directly with developers to brainstorm new features and updates that they will code right there, right then!

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Make it Real!

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Companies (and people for that matter) often talk about their “vision” for the future.

Sometimes what they say is authentic – sometimes it is a marketing slogan.

And because we (Lightspeed Systems) do not want to be perceived as manipulative, or self-aggrandizing, or false — we generally shy away from this sort of talk.

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