3 Things to Know for February

1. What’s new with Classroom Orchestrator?
Classroom Orchestrator has some great new features for Chromebooks, including the abilities to review a student’s URL history, see their open browser tabs, and close any tabs. Read the release notes here. Want a demo of Classroom Orchestrator? Request one here.

2. Use this trick to make suspicious activity reporting easy.
Want to spend less time policing your students’ internet activity? Create custom Web Filter reports for each of your schools (using IP addresses) to report on suspicious search queries and blocked sites, then schedule daily reports to be emailed to school principals. Here is a guide to creating custom reports in Web Filter; here is a post about scheduling them.

3. Are you taking advantage of the Dev Hub?
Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish my Lightspeed Systems solution did …”? Talk to us! At the Dev Hub on our Community site, you can submit feature ideas, vote up existing ideas, and see what we’re developing now. Explore the Dev Hub here.

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