3 Things to Know for January

Things move at light speed around here, and we want to make sure YOU know what’s going on. So we’re starting this new update, 3 Things From Lightspeed Systems. Every month we’ll share product news, technical tips, resources, and videos — just three quick items each month since I know you’re busy, too.

I hope you find it valuable. If you have feedback on the content you’d like to see in future updates, tell me in the comments section.

1. Heads up: Web Filter 3 is coming soon.
Web Filter version 3 is in beta, so stay tuned for access to a release candidate soon. Version 3 is our biggest Web Filter update ever, with the fastest speeds for any network, powerful new live reports, smart SSL handling, a new Dashboard, an intuitive new interface, and tons of other features and enhancements.

2. Our No. 1 support issue: speed and duplex mismatches.
Does your internet connection seem slow? If you’re a Rocket user, it’s probably just a configuration problem and an easy fix. Network latency is a common symptom of a speed and duplex mismatch with Rocket Web Filter. Read more about why this matters and what you can do about it here.

3. Have you seen the Management Bundle for Windows?
I know we’ve been emailing you about this for months. That’s because we’re so excited about this product, which combines all our technology management expertise in one solution for your Windows devices. If you want to see what the buzz is about, you can join a webinar. (No pressure — just sit back and watch!) Click here to register.

We’re excited about all the new features and products and services we’ll bring you in 2016 — and I’m looking forward to spreading the good news here.

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