3 Things to Know for July

1. The Web Filter 3 general release is here.
And if you’re a Web Filter customer, you need to get your complimentary upgrade! Go here to get version 3 documentation and upgrade instructions, watch the replay of our webinar, take a course, and much more.

2. Here’s the answer to your No. 1 support question.
Now that the general release is available, some customers have asked if it’s possible to continue using their old user agents. Most user agents will still work with version 3. Most user agents will still work with version 3. For Windows, you need to move from the PC User Agent to the LMA (Lightspeed Management Agent), which uses the latest security protocols. Learn more here.

3. What do customers think about the Management Bundle for Windows?
We recently caught up with the staff at Roselle Park School District in New Jersey to learn about their experience with our Management Bundle for Windows. Watch the video here. Then, ask for a personalized demo of the Management Bundle for Windows or new Bundle for Chrome.

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