Announcing Our New Solution, Teacher Dashboard

Unburdened IT departments, empowered teachers, efficient instruction, and productive students: If a school device program is equipped with tools for balancing management, all this is possible.

Meet Teacher Dashboard, the new solution from Lightspeed Systems. Through Teacher Dashboard’s clean, easy-to-use interface, teachers control classroom management so IT can focus on network management. Here, teachers have fast access to Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, Mobile Manager, Classroom Orchestrator and new content database Campus Library.

Included at no cost with any Lightspeed Systems solutions, Teacher Dashboard incorporates the classroom-focused features of our solutions in one panel. With seamless single sign-on, the dashboard gives educators easy access to managing student devices, restricting or expanding online access, and sharing educational content.


With Teacher Dashboard, teachers can:

  1. Manage devices and policies
  2. Start Web Zones to expand or restrict online access
  3. View student screens in real time
  4. Safely find, add and share videos and other resources
  5. Access and share school resources
  6. And much more

The Teacher Dashboard is live at! Here’s how to start using it now.


  1. Log in with your My Big Campus credentials; contact support if you don’t have credentials and need to get your school set up.
  2. Learn how to use Teacher Dashboard by reading the manual.
  3. Teacher Dashboard includes the classroom-focused features of the Lightspeed Systems products you’re licensed for. Of course, it’s most powerful if you use all our solutions. Contact your Regional Sales Manager to learn about Lightspeed Systems solutions you’re not yet using.
  • Laurel Rice says:

    Hello. When I log in to the Teacher Dashboard and go to Mobile Manager, I see my MBC groups, but not my MDM groups. Does this need to be configured somehow ?

    • Gwen Barnes says:

      Hi Laurel,

      The view of MM within the Teacher Dashboard appears to be linked to your MBC account, so it may be different from what you see if you log directly into I’ll check with development to determine if this is the intended behavior.

      Edit: OK, development confirms that the Teacher Dashboard shows only a “teacher” view of things. An Admin Dashboard may be coming later, but for now you would need to log directly into for any administration functions.

      • says:

        All of our accounts come from My Big Campus which is going away? So how do we do account creation using the Teacher Dashboard? The admin dashboard may be coming later? Very confusing. The MDM requires My Big Campus for accounts. When are we supposed to move off of My Big Campus to the Dashboard product?

        • Gwen Barnes says:

          We’ll be maintaining a standalone version of the MBC database for Mobile Manager and Teacher Dashboard users, and will provide management tools for admins at that time.

          Teacher Dashboard is available now to non-student users with an MBC login. Our MBC Transition FAQ has more information on migration and end of life dates for My Big Campus:

          • Andy Klevorn says:

            How will groups get formed in MDM for management of that part of it? We were waiting until the end of this school year to fully integrate PowerSchool with MBC. Now I assume there has to be some integration of PSL and MDM?

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