Documentation for Relay, Mobile Manager, and Classroom have moved from the Community Site to Intercom Help Center. This move will allow us to provide in-app documentation for our SAAS platform. SAAS documentation can now be found here.


Add Users and Groups from the Google Admin Console to Relay

Before adding users and groups from your Google Admin Console, follow these steps to enable API access:

Enable API Access for Google sync to work.

In the Google Admin console, navigate to Security > API Reference and check the Enable API Access box under API access.

Follow these steps to authorize Google to import users and groups:

Navigate to the User & Group Management page by clicking Settings > User & Group Management from the main navigation menu.

Click the Authorize button. You will be redirected to a Google page prompting you to grant additional permissions.

This opens a Google page that prompts you to allow Lightspeed Systems to view organizational units on your domain. Click Allow.

A new set of importing options are listed below Google Import. Configure your import settings based upon the following options:

  • Data – Import the Structure Only or Structure & Users.
  • Organizations – Select the organizations you want imported into Relay.
  • Nightly Import – Select this option if you want Relay to import your Data and Organizations nightly.
  • Import Now – Select this to import data immediately.
  • NOTE: Make sure to click Save Settings prior to importing or the settings will reset.