Allow access to normally blocked sites

Ever wish your students could get passed the Internet filter to access a site for a particular resource or lesson? Guess what, if your school is using the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, you’ve got the power!

icon-campus-libraryCampus Library gives on-going access to the class resources you need available for your students. Find and even add items to the Library–then share with your students the altered, safe URL (i.e., web address with secret sauce that bypasses the Lightspeed Web Filter). They’ll be able to access the site or video as long as it remains in the Campus Library. It’s ok, your administrators have already approved it. Let’s check it out.



Web Zones let you temporarily tweak a whole class group of students’ Internet access while under your supervision. They’re useful for things like letting students access social media sites in the context of a digital citizenship lesson, or for visiting e-commerce sites for a personal finance or business lesson. Their access will automatically expire after the amount of time you designate. Learn how.