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Mobile Manager

Apple School Manager Sync

You can now sync your Apple School Manager users with your Lightspeed Systems SIS!

The Apple School Manager Sync tool allows you to sync all or some of your users to your Lightspeed Systems products. This is a part of our commitment to integrating our products with the various features of iOSX.

We recommend that you use the Apple School Manager Sync tool in congruence with regular SIS integration. Syncing Apple School Manager with Lightspeed Systems will add the Apple Managed ID to all of your SIS users and groups.

You can access the Apple School Manager Sync tool by navigating to Admin -> SIS from your Launch dashboard.



Scroll down to Apple School Manager. You will see the following:


When you use the Apple School Manager Sync tool for the first time, you will need to configure its parameters.

First, you will need to upload your DEP Credentials into the DEP Credentials field. This is the same DEP Token you uploaded into Mobile Manager’s Apple DEP settings.


You will then have the option to select your grades. You can either select All Grades to sync all, or select Selected Grades and choose the grades you would like to sync. If you’re using Selected Grades, click on the dropdown menu, select a grade, and click the green plus sign. Repeat this for every grade you want to select. Click the gray “x” to delete a class.


You will then have the option to Sync Groups, Sync Staff, and Sync Students. You can choose whether to enable or disable these options. At least one of the options needs to be selected in order for you to be able to sync. Green (5) means enabled, gray (6) means disabled. If you choose to Sync Groups, then you also have to Sync StaffSync Students, or both.


You will need to select the format in which your student, teacher, and group SIS IDs are stored.

Student SIS ID: You can choose either person_number or person_ID

Teacher SIS ID: You can choose either person_number or person_ID

Group SIS ID: You can choose either class_number or class_ID


Note: Checking the Update group names using imported data box will change group names in your SIS data.

Once you have set your configuration, click Save & Preview to save the configuration. The preview process will show you the progress of the configuration. The preview process may take some time, depending on how large your district is. We will email you a notification of completion if the preview process takes longer than five minutes to complete.


Once the preview is complete, you will be displayed with several distinct reports that show the results of the configuration. The reports will provide detail on which users matched with current data, which new users will be created, which groups matched current data, and which groups will need to be created. You can click on Details next to every report in order to see report details.


The report details screen shows the four distinct reports: Groups Matched, Groups Not Matched, Users Matched, and Users Not Matched. Each report provides a detailed overview of the users or groups and all the matched and unmatched information. All conflicting information will show in red so that it is easy to see.

Note: The data we get back from Apple’s API does not inform us if a user is a student or a teacher. Therefore, if the user doesn’t exist in Launch, they are automatically created as a student. When Classes are synced, any user that’s listed as a teacher will automatically be upgraded to the Teacher user type.
If the user does exist in Launch, then we do not assign them a user type (since one is already assigned to them in Launch.) When Classes are synced, any user that’s listed as a student but appears as a teacher will automatically be downgraded to a student.


Note: We sync Groups by SIS ID. We sync users by SIS ID, and if none is found, then by Managed Apple ID. All unique IDs are cataloged for future use.
Note: Due to a limitation on Apple’s side, the user and group data synced does not include location. Therefore, any users that do not match with your SIS data will be automatically created within the top level District organization. You will have to move these users and groups under the appropriate school once created if desired.
Note: >Any issues that the sync process encounters can be fixed either from Apple School Manager or through your SIS. You can run the Save & Preview as many times as you want until you are no longer experiencing any mismatches.

Once you are satisfied with the information in the preview, you can click Sync Now to start the sync. You also have the option to Sync Nightly (highly recommended, but please be aware that running a new preview disables the Sync Nightly function and you will have to re-enable it once the preview is complete.)


Note: As long as your devices and school support Shared iPads, so will Mobile Manager!