Bing Predictive Search

The Lightspeed search query and suspicious search query reports generate information based on search queries that pass through the Rocket appliance. This can lead to reports based on predictive searches made to the search engine since, although not submitted by manually typing the query; the search is being made by the browser. We have identified the predictive results of Bing to be linked to the search engine as opposed to When generating your search engine query reports we recommend running the reports based on the search engine to omit predictive results.

To provide an even higher level of security we recommend implementing the use of Bing for the Classroom: This option from Bing will allow full safe search functionality to be incorporated based on the IP address of your organization. This is an SSL site so Lightspeed would also recommend incorporating the use of the Lightspeed Proxy in conjunction with a proxy PAC file for successful search engine reporting and keyword blocking.

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