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Blocked Search Keywords

You can use Blocked Search Keywords to stop your users from searching for specific words. Navigate to Blocked Search Keywords by clicking Internet Access > Blocked Search Keywords.

Users that search for a Blocked Search Keyword see a block page similar to the following example:

Note: To block search keywords, you cannot have the domain (for example, in the Custom Allow List.

Adding Blocked Search Keywords

You can add to the Blocked Search Keywords list either manually one keyword at a time or by uploading a .CSV or plain text file containing multiple keywords.

Adding a Single Term

To add a single term to the Blocked Search Keyword list:

  1. Type the keyword you want to add in the Search/Add  text box and press Enter  to search for the keyword.
  2. If the keyword isn’t currently in the Blocked Search Keyword list, click Add  to add it.

Click the next to the search term to exit back to the list.

Adding Multiple Terms

To add multiple terms to the Blocked Search Keyword list using a .CSV or plain text file:

  1. Click the Import icon to the right of the search box.
  2. Click Choose File and navigate to your .CSV or plain text file on your computer.
  3. Click Import.

Note: The file must contain one keyword per row with a limit of 500 rows.

Enabling Blocked Search Keywords for After School Rules

To enable the Blocked Search Keywords for your After School Rules, click the Enable for After School Rules toggle button at the top of the page.

  • – indicates Blocked Search Keywords are enabled for After School Rules.
  • – indicates Blocked Search Keywords are disabled for After School Rules.

Matching Blocked Search Keywords by Regex Patterning

You can have Relay match Blocked Search Keywords by Regex patterning.

Regex is a special text string for describing a search pattern that gives you significantly more control over your Blocked Search Keywords. Regex pattern matching allows you to quickly analyze large amounts of content in order to identify specific character patterns.

Learn more about: Regex Patterns
Useful info: Regex Patterns Cheatsheet

Enable Regex patterns in Relay for a Blocked Search Keyword by checking the box under the Enable Regex column next to the term.