Blocked Search Keywords

Blocked Search Keywords

Blocked Search Keywords allow you to designate specific search keyword to be blocked from searches. A user that attempts to search for one of the keywords through an online search engine will encounter a block page.

You can access the Blocked Search Keywords section of Relay by navigating to Internet Access > Blocked Search Keywords.

You can add a Blocked Search Keyword by typing it in the Search/Add box and pressing Enter. Relay will then search for the keyword. If the keyword does not exist, then you will be able to add it by clicking Add. Click the gray “x” next to the search term to exit back to the list. You will now see your new term added to the list of terms.

You can either add keywords manually or upload them in bulk via a .CSV or plain text file. The file must contain one keyword per row with a maximum limit of 500 rows. Click the Import icon to the right of the search box. Click Choose File and navigate to your .CSV or plain text file on your computer. Click Import. The list will be automatically imported by Relay.

Toggle the Enable for After School Rules switch to enable the Blocked Search Keywords for your After School Rules.