Chrome Bundle Reports

The Lightspeed Systems Chrome Bundle comes with brand new reporting functionality. You can now get real-time and past reports on a variety of categoires, including websites visited, Classroom Orchestrator statistics, website activity, top websites, trending websites, and installed apps.

The Reports interface can be accessed through Launch by clicking on the Reports icon.




Once accessed, the Reports page will appear. This page is divided into individual widgets that show various statistics.


You can set filters for your Reports at the top right corner. You can search for individual schools to see reports for that specific schools in the search bar. You can select the date range for the reports (ranging from today to the last 30 days) through the date dropdown menu.


The top widget shows the number of websites visited, the number of tabs sent, the number of broadcasts performed, and the number of screens recorded.


The next widget show Website Activity.


The following widgets show Top Websites and Trending Websites



The bottom widgets show Student Website Visits and Top Installed Apps.


Clicking on View All to the right of Student Website Visits allows you to see all websites visited by students.


The following will show. You can search for individual students in the search bar and determine the date range for the website activity you want to see.



Clicking on an individual users’ name will open up their website activity to the right. The activity log will indicate the website, the time it was accessed, and the duration of time spent by the user on the website.