CO – Prerequisites, Installation, and Upgrades

Prerequisites, Installation, and Upgrades

Classroom Orchestrator is one of the features of Lightspeed Management Agent (LMA Agent). When you install the LMA Agent you can run Classroom Orchestrator, Mobile Manager, or both. In addition, Classroom Orchestrator is automatically upgraded when you upgrade LMA Agent. There are no additional installation or upgrade steps needed for Classroom Orchestrator. Please note that for Classroom Orchestrator the LMA Agent only needs to be installed on student devices, not staff devices.


Please see LMA Agent – Prerequisites, Installation, and Upgrades for more information about how to install and update the LMA Agent.

Classroom Orchestrator Status on Client PCs

When Classroom Orchestrator is active the following will be displayed in the client PC’s systems tray.

Active Classroom Orchestrator in Systems Tray

When Classroom Orchestrator is inactive the following will be displayed in the Client PC’s systems.

Inactive Classroom Orchestrator in Systems Tray