Running Classroom Orchestrator – Teachers

This page gives an overview for Classroom Orchestrator teachers and administrators on the following topics:

  • Logging in
  • The Dashboard
  • Logging out

Logging In

To log into your Lightspeed Dashboard, navigate to

Type the first few letters of your district name to start searching, then click to select your school from the search results.

Enter your username and password, then click Sign In.

Logging Out

To log out, click the “key” icon at the bottom left corner of the page.


If you don’t see the “key” icon, click any of the colored tiles on the Lightspeed Dashboard home page.

Next click the Classroom Orchestrator tile.

Classroom Orchestrator Dashboard

When you log into Classroom Orchestrator the dashboard will be displayed, which will vary depending if you are a teacher, group admin, or organization admin. For all users it will display your Groups page.


On the dashboard you can

  • Use the left navigation bar to return to your home page, go to the Districts page (district admins only), go to the Schools page (school and district admins only), go to the Groups page, or log out.
  • Use the top navigation bar to navigate between levels with breadcrumb navigation, switch between list and grid views, and search your districts (District level), schools (School level), or groups (Group level).

The contents in the center of the dashboard vary depending if you are on the Districts, Schools, or Groups pages. These pages are described below.

Groups Page

The Groups page shows all of your groups. On a group icon click the dropdown and select Orchestration to view and record student sessions in this group or Recorded Sessions to view the recorded sessions for this group. Depending on device type, there may also be a URL History option to view where students have visited and for how long.



See the Viewing and Recording Student Sessions (Classroom Orchestration) page for more information about viewing and recording student sessions.

Logging Out

Click the sign-out icon in the lower left-hand corner to log out.