Viewing and Recording Student Sessions

On the Groups page click the group’s icon to view it as shown below.


On a single group’s page you can:

  • Navigate between groups.
  • Configure group options.
  • Send links and files to students, and lock or unlock their devices.
  • Start and stop user sessions (described below).
  • Set the session length for this group (described below).
  • View previously-recorded sessions for all users in this group.
  • Record a session or to view previously-recorded sessions for that user (described below).
  • Activate this user in another group to the current group.
  • Control a student’s device.

Monitoring Student Activity

If you click a group and then click a student’s icon you can monitor the following about a student:

  • If you click Zoom, the session will expand to display the computer name and age as shown below. Click the session again to restore it to its original size.


  • An exclamation point icon next to their photo/name indicates that the user’s Internet access is not being filtered.


  • A number followed by “Minutes Old” indicates Classroom Orchestrator has not seen a screenshot or a heartbeat from the client in the number of minutes shown. For example, in the example below Classroom Orchestrator has not received a screenshot or heartbeat Isabella in 8 minutes and hasn’t received a screenshot or heartbeat from Alexis in 2 minutes.


  • A ghost icon with the message “student not active” shows that the user is not logged in.


Configuring Classroom Orchestrator Group Session Periods

To configure the session period for a group click dropdown next to the timer. The following will be displayed.


Select the session period, which can be from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Recording User Sessions

To record a user session select the dropdown next to the user’s name. You can record for 5, 15, or 30 minutes or view previously-recorded sessions as shown below.


Viewing Recorded Sessions

To view previously-recorded sessions select Recorded Sessions from the dropdown on the group or user. The following will be displayed.


Click on a session to display it as shown in the example below. You can also sort a recorded session by oldest-newest or newest-oldest.