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Custom Allow List

If you want to allow a website in a blocked category, you can easily do so by adding it to the Custom Allow List.

Navigate to the Custom Allow List by clicking Internet Access > Custom Allow List in the left-side navigation menu.

Sites in the Custom Allow List are never blocked. To add a site, type the site’s URL in the Search/Add bar and press Enter on your keyboard.

Do not include a subdomain, not even www., unless you want to treat subdomains differently. For example, adding will allow every subdomain of Wikipedia including,, and so on. In contrast, allowing will not automatically allow

Note: If you are using Blocked Search Keywords, do not add the domain (for example, to the Custom Allow List.

Verify the URL ( in the example below) and click Add to add the site to the Custom Allow List.

Custom Allow List sites are ordered by date added. You can remove a site from the Custom Allow List by clicking the to the right of the URL. You can set the site to generate reports for flagged terms by checking or unchecking the Allow Flagging box. 

You can import a list (.csv or .txt) of websites by clicking the Importbutton (68). The file should contain one URL per row or line and no more than 500 rows or lines.

You can enable Custom Allow Lists for After School Rules by clicking the Enable for After School Rules  toggle button. This allows the Default Rules to check against the Custom Allow List while After School Rules are on.