Lightspeed Systems is committed to keeping kids safe online. That includes not only protecting them from inappropriate adult content, but also from dangerous activities like cyberbullying and self-harm.

We currently provide features that protect students from such content, block tools known to be used for such activities, report and alert on threatening behavior, and allow administrators to investigate web activity, including:

  • Flagged Terms, Real-Time Alerts, Flagged Activity Reports (Relay, coming soon to Web Filter)
  • Flagged Alerts by typed input (Relay)
  • Search Term Blocking and Suspicious Search Reports (Web Filter, Relay)
  • App blocking and URL blocking, to block apps known for cyberbullying behavior (through Mobile Manager or URL blocks in Web Filter, Relay)
  • User-level activity reports with export, automated delivery (Web Filter, Relay)
  • Lockouts and alerts (Relay, Web Filter)
  • Keyword tracking (Relay)
  • On- and off-campus filtering and reporting (Web Filter, Relay)
  • Parent Report Generator (Relay)
  • Social media controls (Relay, coming soon to Web Filter)

We also have new features in development:

  • Flagged Terms, Real-Time Alerts, Flagged Activity Reports (coming soon to Web Filter)
  • Suspicious typed text reports and alerts (coming soon to Web Filter)

You can learn more about our commitment and ongoing efforts at these links:

We are always evolving our solutions to help schools make the implementation of technology and 1:1 programs easy and safe, and will continue to receive and incorporate feedback from our customers on the features and tools they need most. Lightspeed Systems works diligently with authorities and lawmakers to stay compliant with key laws, such as the Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) in the United Kingdom, and internet protection laws such as David’s Law (Senate Bill 179) in Texas and other similar U.S. laws.