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Enrolling Devices with Apple Configurator 2.5+

With Apple Configurator 2.5 (or greater) you can simultaneously enroll your devices in Apple DEP and MDM service. Follow these steps to enroll your devices with the Apple Configurator.

Note: After enrolling the device in Apple DEP and MDM, users will have the ability to remove the device from Apple DEP for 30 days. During this period, users will see this notification: This device is managed remotely. You can leave remote management in Settings. If the user removes the device from remote management (Apple DEP), the device will not be removed from the MDM service. After the 30 days, this notification will no longer display.
Note: The following steps are not necessary if you have already added your device to Apple DEP: Steps 5.2, 5.4, 5.8, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7. These step numbers are marked with a “**” next to them.

Step 1 – Configure the Wireless Profile

  • 1. Within Apple Configurator, open the File menu, then select New Profile.
  • 2. On the General tab, give the profile a name, for example “Wireless Profile”.


  • 3. Navigate to the Wi-Fi section of the profile configuration page, then click Configure.


  • 4. Enter the SSID and select the security and other settings that will allow the device to connect to your wireless network.


  • 5. When you have finished configuring the Wi-Fi settings, open the File menu and select  Save.
  • 6. Download the profile to your computer, and make a note of the location.

Step 2 – Configure the Lightspeed MDM Profile

  • 1. In a web browser, log into Launch as a school or district administrator, then select the Mobile Manager tile. From Mobile Manager, navigate to Settings.
  • 2. On the Settings tab, select Enrollment and verify that Require User Authentication is not selected (unchecked).


  • 3. Click Save, then navigate to the District, School or Group where you will be adding the devices.
  • 4. Click Enroll Device. This action opens the Enrollment page, with links to enroll devices.
  • 5. On the Apple Bulk Enrollment tile, click to download the bulk enrollment profile, and make a note of the download location. You will use this profile later.


Step 3 – Configure the Supervision Profile

  • 1. If you have not already done so, plug the device into a USB port on your computer.
  • 2. In Apple Configurator 2, navigate to All Devices, then click to select the device.


Step 4 – Configure the Blueprints

A Blueprint is a template that can contain multiple profiles and apps. When you deploy a Blueprint to a device, the entire configuration can be deployed with one click.


  • 1. Open the File menu and select New Blueprint.


  • 2. Name the Blueprint, then click Done.


  • 3. Double click the blueprint to begin adding configuration profiles.
  • 4. Next, click Add Profiles.


  • 5. Select the Wi-Fi Profile you created in Step 1, then select the bulk enrollment profile you downloaded in Step 2.
  • Note: The wi-Fi profile must be added to the Blueprint before the Bulk Enrollment Profile.
  • 6. The MDM profiles will now show up in the profile list.


  • 7. Click Done to complete the blueprint process.

Step 5 – Prepare Supervisory Profile

  1. 1. Next, select the Blueprint, then click Prepare.
  2. ap2-8

  3. **2. Configure the preparation settings in this window accordingly:
    • Choose Manual Configuration from the Prepare with drop-menu.
    • Select Add Device to Enrollment Program.
    • Do not select Activate and Complete Enrollment.
    • Supervise Device will automatically be selected.
    • Select Allow devices to pair with other computers (this step is optional but recommended).
    • Do not select Enable Shared iPad.
    • Click Next. This displays the Enroll in MDM Server window.
  4. 3. Choose New Server or select your MDM server from the server drop-menu. If you selected New Server, the Define an MDM server window displays. Follow these steps to define the new MDM server.

    • Enter a Display Name for your server.
    • Enter your Apple Configurator Enrollment URL (found on the MDM “Enroll Device” page).

    • Click Next.
    • Add trust anchor certificates to the new server. Select * from the list of certificates then click Next to complete and define your new MDM server.
  5. **4. Sign into the Apple DEP portal with the same Apple ID used to enroll in DEP (you may be prompted to login with two-factor authentication).

  6. 5. Choose a Supervision Identity or generate a new identity if this is the first time using the Apple Configurator. Click Next, the Configure iOS Setup Assistant window displays.
  7. 6. Choose setups (or steps) from the list of Setup Assistant steps. Test the setup assistant with a few user devices after the Apple Configurator setup is complete.
  8. 7. A Wi-Fi profile is required to continue. Select an existing Wi-Fi profile or follow Step 1 of the Blueprint method (below) to configure a Wi-Fi profile and continue with the Apple Configuration setup.
  9. **8. Click Prepare. If your device was setup previously, delete the device when prompted. You may also be required to enter your Apple ID password for the DEP account you signed into on Step 5.4. This reboots the device and may take several minutes.
  10. Step 6 – Deployment

  • 1. To deploy the Blueprint to devices, click the Blueprints button and select the blueprint you created.


  • 2. On the confirmation dialog box, click Apply to assign the blueprint to the device that is connected to Apple Configurator.


  • 3. Wait while the configurator applies the blueprint to the device.


Step 7 – Final Steps

  1. 1. Click Continue when the Configurator displays a message requiring consent to install the profile on the device.
  2. 2. Follow the set-up prompts displayed on the device (like language or country/region).
  3. 3. Allow the device to retrieve the configuration and finish enrolling in MDM.
  4. 4. Verify that the device is enrolled to the correct group by searching for the device in Mobile Manager.
  5. **5. Log into the Apple School Manager (ASM) DEP portal and assign the DEP device to the MDM server synced to your school in Mobile Manager.
    1. Search for the device (by serial number) and select the device in the DEP Portal.
    2. Select the MDM server in the MDM Server field, then click done.
  6. **6. Open Mobile Manager and navigate to the group where the device will be enrolled and click Settings > Apple DEP > Device List. Your device will be listed with an empty profile.

  7. **7. Select your device from the list, choose a profile from the Assign Profile drop-menu, then click the Assign Profile button. If you do not see a profile, click the Build Enrollment Profile button on the Settings > Apple DEP page and create a profile for your devices.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

If you receive an error message while configuring devices with the Apple Configurator, follow these recommended steps to resolve the issue.

Error 33007

This error may appear with various description messages, however, the error is triggered if the device is already enrolled in DEP (or was previously enrolled in DEP). Apple will not allow the device to be re-enrolled in DEP when this error occurs.

Solution: Try to “unassign” or release the device(s) from DEP using ASM, then re-enroll it through the configurator.

Error 4011

This error message displayed because Activate and complete enrollment, was selected in the Prepare Devices window referenced in Step 4 of the Prepare-Only process (above). The image below is an example of what causes this error.

Error 4001

This error occurs when using the Blueprint method if the Bulk Enrollment Profile is added before the Wi-Fi profile.