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Web Filter 3

Ensure students can access shared YouTube videos

If your students can access YouTube and are seeing some videos blocked as below, Smart Play is at work.

Student view for schools using Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome.

Student view for schools using Lightspeed Systems Relay for Chrome.

Lightspeed Systems Smart Play uses our machine-learning AI database engine to accurately categorize YouTube videos. We’ve categorized millions of videos including all of the top education channels like Khan Academy, Discovery, Brightstorm, and CrashCourse. Videos can be allowed or blocked based on the same category decisions made for other content. So students can research and browse on YouTube like normal behavior, and it’s safe. What is more, whether they’re on or another site with those videos embedded, educational videos will be accessible.

To ensure students can view YouTube videos you’ve selected outside of popular education channels, you can do a couple things.

1. Check the video’s web address in our Dynamic Database Lookup
Go to our Dynamic Database Lookup and enter the full web address.

If it’s in the education.videos category, you can rest assured it will be accessible by students. If it’s not in education.videos category, it’s still possible it’s locally allowed by your administration. Check with your local administrator.

If you have an educational YouTube channel of your own, you can submit that channel to be considered for education.videos. Please allow 24 hours to see an update.

2. Alternatively, you can request your YouTube channel be added to local Allow
Share your channel’s web address with your school tech administration team and request it be added to the Local Allow category.

Note: If using Lightspeed Systems Web Filter, it takes a day to identify new videos that you add to the channel. If using Relay, once a channel is added locally, new videos added to the channel are accessible right away.