Trouble with Force Google safe search

In order for the Force Google safe search to work, the DNS server must be inside the Rocket Appliance and not have any path to the Internet that is not filtered.

Let’s test the Force Google safe search feature.

Do an nslookup for

  • If you get then the force Google safe search will not work correctly. It means that either an internal DNS server already has in its cache or the DNS server is not sitting behind the Rocket and has a clear path to the Internet.
  • If you return then you should not be able to access non safe search results.

Additional Information:

When you do a DNS lookup for what actually will be returned is The IP addresses for are determined by your location. The Lightspeed Systems Rocket watches for DNS requests for and hijacks the return. Instead of returning, we return with a set of location specific IPs.

Note: Forcing Google Safe Search is a DNS remap and therefore is a global setting unless users want to set up separate DNS servers for staff vs. students.