How does Blocked for Review work?

We are often asked how our review process for the Blocked for Review websites works. Here is a general overview of the process and what we take into account when we review and categorize sites.

There are two ways to submit sites to the Blocked for Review (BFR) page.

  1. When a user attempts to access a site that is blocked, our access page is displayed with a message explaining the site is blocked and indicating the category it is in. The access page will give the user an option to submit the site for review along with their e-mail address and reason why the site should unblocked. This request is sent to Blocked for Review.
  2. Sites can also be submitted via The Archive site will provide details on why a site is categorized in a particular.

At the top of each hour all sites submitted for that hour are loaded in our review queue. The review team generally clears the queue within the hour. Domains with reasons/email addresses are the first ones reviewed. Sites with no reasons/addresses are the last to be processed.

Reviewing Sites

When reviewing sites we always take into account who has submitted it (educator, business, student, etc ) and the reason being given. We also evaluate the reason for its current categorization such as the engine categorized it or it has been reviewed/ verified previously. All sites submitted will be Verified (meaning it was looked at and it is in the right category) or Edited (meaning it was looked at and moved to a different category).

URLs and subdomains are not categorized unless they belong in a different category than the domain (e.g. is categorized as forums.blogs, however, is categorized in education)

All automatic revisions to categorization are updated nightly. Manual revisions through the blocked for review processes are updated every 35 minutes.

And that is how the process works.