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It is our pleasure to welcome you to Lightspeed Systems and the Lightspeed Systems Global Technical Support organization, where your satisfaction is our primary objective. Lightspeed Systems products and services help you manage the risks of Internet browsing, ensure safe and productive use of the Internet and devices, protect critical systems and information, and empower teachers within the classroom.

We work hard to make using our products easy. That includes answers at your fingertips with guided product walkthroughs, lessons and courses, tips and tricks, best practices, and more. Add to that our worldwide team of highly trained and experienced technical support engineers informing both you and our documentation team to keep things as simple as possible.

Here’s what you need to know to about our technical support to maximize your investment in our products.

Technical Support Overview

Lightspeed Systems Global Technical Support Program

Lightspeed Systems Technical Support is included with every Lightspeed Systems product subscription. This includes unlimited 24×7 access to the Lightspeed Systems Community site, product updates and downloads, and our support team. During your subscription term, these resources let you:

  • take advantage of the latest security features;
  • download software, upgrades, updates and patches;
  • review Lightspeed Systems product documentation and training materials;
  • access current status and scheduled maintenance;
  • search content database for site categorization and reasoning;
  • chat with live support;
  • speak directly with our tech support staff

Normal business hours for live support are defined as Monday – Friday, 2am through 6pm Central Time.

Response times and expected support experience are as follows.

Severity Situation Lightspeed Systems
Expected Response
Critical Critical business impact:Complete loss of a mission critical process.Needs immediate attention. 1st call response in 1 hour or less.Effort on a 24×7 basis.Escalation to appropriate team. Allocation of appropriate resources to sustain continuous effort on a 24×7 basis.
High High business impact:Significant loss or degradation of service. 1st call response in 4 hours or less.Effort during business hours only.Escalation to appropriate team. Allocation of appropriate resources to sustain business hours effort.
Medium Moderate business impact:Moderate loss or degradation of services but work can reasonably continue in an impaired manner. 1st call response in 6 hours or less.Effort during business hours only. Allocation of appropriate resources to sustain business hours effort.
Low Minimum business impact:Substantially functioning with minor or no impediments to service. 1st call response in 12 hours or less unless customer requests or allows more time.Effort during business hours only. Accurate contact information on case owner.Responsive within 24 hours.


Additional and up-to-date information about Lightspeed Systems Global Support Programs is located at our Community technical support site:

Hardware Support

Support for hardware is included for all hardware purchased from Lightspeed Systems during its warranty period and while a software license is active.

Hardware support includes:

  • Repair or replacement of defective hardware materials and workmanship, including internal peripherals, during the warranty period. In the event of an authorized return of merchandise (RMA), a replacement server will be shipped in advance of receiving the defective hardware.
  • “Retain your hard drive” capability in the event of hard drive failure and replacement
  • Telephone-based troubleshooting

On-site support provided by a Lightspeed Systems authorized service technician is available for an additional charge.

Getting Started with Support

To protect student and staff data, only users designated by you as “Support Entitled Users” (SEUs) are allowed to access the Community site documentation and live chat, create a support ticket and talk with tech support, or request an update on an existing ticket. Each account is entitled to two SEUs.

Community Account

Take a moment now to create your Lightspeed Systems Community site account where you’ll have access product manuals, release notes, chat support, training, Dev Hub product updates and feature requests, and more.

Note that not just anyone can create a Community account. You must 1) be a support-entitled user (SEU) on record in our customer database, 2) use the same email address to create an account as the SEU contact record, and 3) be part of an organization with an active software license.

Create your account here:

Request to add an SEU here:

Access teacher training material without a login here:

Scope of Lightspeed Systems Global Technical Support

Technical Support Includes:

  • Support for Lightspeed Systems product and services versions, as defined in the Tech Support Entitlement Matrix.
  • Help with questions and product behavior issues pertaining to supported Lightspeed Systems products and services in areas of:
    • Installation
    • Deployment
    • Administration and configuration
    • Maintenance and upgrade
    • Features and functionality
  • Hardware support will only be provided for hardware that has not been damaged as a result of external forces or conditions such as accidents, abuse, misuse, an unstable environment or power source, or natural disasters. In the event of an authorized return of merchandise (RMA), a replacement server will be shipped in advance of receiving the defective hardware.

Hardware support will not be provided if:

  • Hardware (or software) is repurposed or modified from its original configuration
  • Hardware has missing or altered serial numbers or service tags
  • Hardware has been serviced by someone other than a Lightspeed Systems-authorized service provider
  • Lightspeed Systems product subscription has expired

Technical Support Excludes:

Contacting Lightspeed Systems Global Technical Support

Lightspeed Systems Global Technical Support offers customers and partners its highest level of service. You can directly access extensive self-service resources online as well as chat and phone support.

To efficiently resolve problems, we commit to clear and effective communication and ask you to do the same. Please take a moment to review our procedures prior to contacting us.

Software Support Request Procedure

Step 1. Provide contact info and a complete description of the issue.

  • Your full name and contact info (phone, email)
  • Your organization’s full name
  • Preliminary assessment of the scope and severity of the problem, including the number of affected appliances/users/seats
  • Additional details and files needed to resolve the issue, as requested by us

Step 2. Retain and use the case number assigned to you (see your support-ticket confirmation email) to facilitate future communications regarding the matter.

Step 3. Gather and have available the following information. This can greatly improve resolution time.

  • Product version and patch levels for all Lightspeed Systems servers
  • Network topology
  • Deployment and system configuration of all Lightspeed Systems servers and network components (e.g., directory, database, gateway, reporting servers, operating systems)
  • Documentation of initial symptoms and impacts (e.g., log files, screen shots, trace files)
  • Identification of changes made to your environment prior to manifestation of the problem

Step 4. Participate in resolution. This includes:

  • Providing a timely response to inquiries for technical information, including current status of issue, recommended fixes, and deployed patches
  • Having appropriate technical personnel available for consultation, further testing, and diagnosis, as needed
  • Gathering log files and data, as requested by us
  • Participating in conference calls as needed

Support Online

Use our Community site for answers to the most commonly asked product questions, full product manuals, training materials, Dev Hub, chat support, support-ticket submission and more.

Support by Phone

You can open a ticket on the Community site or phone-in directly. You will be routed to the first available technician. See the last page of this document for phone numbers.

Local Language Support

Lightspeed Systems technical support is delivered primarily in English. Support in additional languages may be available through our certified regional partners.

Case Closure Policy

Cases are closed and casework is ceased according to the following criteria.

Standard Case Closure
Your confirmation that the case is resolved and can be closed because an acceptable workaround or solution has been provided.

Non-Standard Case Closure
We will close the case if:

  • You do not respond to our technicians repeated attempts to confirm whether the problem has been satisfactorily resolved. We will make at least three attempts to contact you via phone and email before closing a case due to lack of response.
  • Your software license has expired.

We will reopen any case or may create a new case if you call to report the problem persists.

Enhancement and Feature Request Process

Using your Community site account, you can vote up requests from other users and log your own enhancements and new requests in our Dev Hub,

Technical Support Resources


As described earlier, many of our online resources require a Community site login account. If you don’t already have an account, create one at Remember, only support-entitled users (SEUs) designated in our active-customer database are eligible to register for Community accounts.

Request to become an SEU

Request to add SEU

Log into the Community portal for answers to the most commonly asked product questions, full product manuals, chat support, training materials, Dev Hub, support-ticket submission and more.

Tech Alerts

Subscribe to tech alerts and maintenance advisories to receive product alerts that automatically notify you any time Lightspeed Systems issues new releases, critical hotfixes, or other important technical information. Sign up now to receive tech alerts for your products from Lightspeed Systems.

Admin Training Courses and Videos

Learn from our expert technicians about how to maximize the value of Lightspeed Systems products in your environment. A wealth of helpful information is available in the Training section of the Lightspeed Systems Community site at

Teacher University

To further empower your staff’s use of our classroom tools, share Teacher University quick start guides, lessons, and courses—all available without a login.

Status Page

We continuously monitor our services internally as well as through third-party services. If there are any interruptions in services, updates will be posted on our status page. You can subscribe to receive email, text, or RSS updates as well.

Content Database Lookup

Lightspeed Systems Web Filter is driven by our proprietary dynamic database, which contains millions of categorized domains to make the Web safe for schools. You can find out how any domain is categorized by using the search function on our dynamic database lookup page.

Support Escalation Channels and Contacts

We are committed to solving every customer issue in a timely manner. If at any time you are not satisfied with the level of support that you received, you are encouraged to bring this to the attention of our support management team.

The technical support escalation path is as follows:

Customer > Support Manager > Support Director > EVP, Global Operations and Customer Service.

Note: For immediate attention to your concerns, please ask for a manager when calling during supported business hours, Monday through Friday, 2am to 6pm Central Time. 2016-04-29 08-35-45