How to Block iOS Updates Using the Rocket

When Apple releases a new version of iOS, users may decide to download the update while connected to your wireless network. These updates can vary in size with major releases being several hundred megabytes in size. Depending on the number of users downloading the update at once, this can cause extreme strain on your network. We can help.


You may choose who can download iOS updates from Apple over your network. This article will walk you through creating a Local Category for iOS updates and how to only allow access for select Rule Sets or during off-peak hours.

Creating and Implementing a Custom Category for iOS Updates

Create a Custom Category

    • Log into the Rocket web administration interface.
    • Open the Web Filter
    • Select Categories under the Database
    • Click the + Add Local Category button in the upper right corner.
    • Give the new, local category a Name and Description (e.g., “iOS Updates”).
    • Select the Set default behavior to block option to immediately block iOS updates for Rule Sets you do not explicitly allow.


Add Apple’s Update Servers to the Custom Category

    • Next, click Categorized Sites under the Database
    • Individually search for the domains below.
    • Click on the domain name in the result to change the category.
    • Select the Local Category you just created (g. “iOS Updates”).
    • Click Save.
    • Repeat this process until you have added all sites.


Allow Access to iOS Updates for a Chosen Rule Set

    • Log into the Rocket web administration interface.
    • Open the Web Filter
    • Select Policy Management and then Rule Sets.
    • Open the Rule Set you wish to modify.
    • Scroll down to Custom Categories toward the top of the category list.
    • Click the slider to enable access to iOS updates for this Rule Set.


  • Click Save.
  • Repeat this process to allow access for additional Rule Sets.

Note: You may additionally use the Schedules option on the Lightspeed Web Filter to allow access to these and other categories during off-peak hours. For instructions on implementing schedules, see the Schedules article on our Community Site.

Note: Please verify that you do not have Apple’s IP domains in your External Ignores. Apple’s IP ranges cover the entire 17.x.x.x range. Removing those ranges from your External Ignores will allow for the update to be properly blocked.