How to Create a PAC File to Route Requests to the Proxy Server

Lightspeed Systems sent out a maintenance advisory titled “Maintenance Advisory: Update on Google Encrypted Services,” which explained how Google is now actively moving all of its services to a fully encrypted (https) connection. This maintenance advisory provides three options to handle this issue. Option 3, for example, states that you can utilize the proxy mode in the Web Filter, which will make the Lightspeed Systems Rocket act as a trusted “Man-In-The-Middle” encrypted proxy.

However, what if you want the Web Filter to act as a Man-In-The Middle encrypted proxy only for To do so, create a Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file and push it to all of your devices. Follow the steps below to create the PAC file.

    • 1. Open a text editor.
    • 2. Enter the following but replace the sample IP address in red with the IP address used in the management interface of your Rocket server running the proxy server.

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)


if (shExpMatch(url, "**"))

{return "PROXY";}

return "DIRECT";


  • 3. Save the file as “proxy.pac”.