How To Unblock a Site for All Users

At times, you may want to allow your users access to a site that is otherwise blocked. You can do this by adding the site to your allowed category through the Web Filter interface.

For this example, let us assume that you currently have Wikipedia ( blocked as a “forum/blog” but have decided that the educational content of the site is significant enough to merit unblocking it.

Follow these steps to unblock the site for all of your users.

1. Navigate to Web Filter within your Rocket interface and click on Categorized Sites under Database


Within the search bar, type the site name (in this case, and click Search


In this case, we have Wikipedia categorized as a forum/blog and have it blocked for our network. Click on the website name, the following will appear.


Click the Category drop down menu and select local-allow under Custom Categories and click Save. Your entire network will now have access to the website.


You can repeat this process for any site that you may want to unblock. Learn more about Categorized Sites on our Community Site. 

Unlocked the site, but some contest is still not showing? Read how about what to do if website access is allowed but some content is still blocked here.

Want to know which sites are blocked for which users? Learn how to use a Web Activity Report to identify blocked sites here. 

The following video briefly demonstrates how to unblock a site for all users.