How to Update a Managed Distribution (MD) Token

Use the following information to replace an expired Managed Distribution service token or to update an existing token.

How to Replace an Expired Service Token

1. Approximately two weeks before the service token expires, you will receive a popup notification banner in Mobile Manager to alert you.

Token Expiration Banner Notification

2. You will also need to purchase a new service token from Apple.

To download the service token from the VPP store:
  • 1. Login to the VPP Store with your Apple VPP account.
  • 2. Click your email address at the top right side of the page.
  • 3. Click Account Summary.
  • 4. Download the token.
  • 5. Open the downloaded file in a text editor. (Examples include Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for OSX)
  • 6. Copy all of the text contained in the file.
  • 7. Once finished, click Done.


All service tokens must come from the same Apple Volume Purchase account.

3. Next you can either click on the Fix–> link in the notification banner, which will take you directly to the managed distribution page or you can manually navigate to it by selecting Settings, then click Managed Distribution.

Managed Distribution Service Token 2

4. Click View Token on the top right hand side of your screen.

Service Token 2

5. Here you have two options for adding tokens.

Option 1: Open the service token file you downloaded from Apple in a word processor or text editor and copy and paste the service token code into the Add Service Token window. By default, the Make Active box will be checked.

Option 2: Upload the .vpptoken file by clicking the Choose File button under Upload .vppkoten file:

6. Click Add Token. When you have added the new service token, Mobile Manager will automatically begin using the new token. Only one service token can be active at a time. A new service token should be added immediately when the current service token expires.


There may be a small gap in reporting as we do a re-sync with your account. We do this to ensure that no records are missed during the transition.


Please be aware, if your service token does expire and you do not replace it, you will not be able to deploy apps.

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