Deploy the MacOS Agent with Third Party MDM

Deploying the MacOS Agent with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is possible with the following commands in a logon script:

  1. cd ~/Desktop || exit 1
  2. curl -sSO [Enter the link to your organization’s MacOS Smart Agent Installer]
  3. hdiutil attach -nobrowse SmartAgent.dmg
  4. cd /Volumes/SmartAgent/ || exit 1
  5. sudo installer -pkg SmartAgent.pkg -target /
  6. cd ~/Desktop || exit 1
  7. hdiutil detach /Volumes/Smartagent/ -force
  8. rm -rf SmartAgent.dmg
Note: The link your organization’s MacOS Agent installer is located in the Relay (or Classroom) interface:
Note: Consult your MDM product documentation, as the logon script deployment may vary depending on the MDM product. For JAMF customer, refer to the following documnetation for Installing a PKG Wrapped Inside a DMG.