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Relay Classroom

Deploy the MacOS Agent with Third Party MDM

Deploying macOS agents with a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is possible with the following script commands:

  • cd ~/Desktop || exit 1
  • curl -sSO [Enter the link to your organization’s MacOS Smart Agent Installer]
  • hdiutil attach -nobrowse SmartAgent.dmg
  • cd /Volumes/SmartAgent/ || exit 1
  • sudo installer -pkg SmartAgent.pkg -target /
  • cd ~/Desktop || exit 1
  • hdiutil detach /Volumes/Smartagent/ -force
  • rm -rf SmartAgent.dmg

Note: The link to your organization’s macOS agent installer is located in Relay:

  • Log in to and navigate to the Software page (Settings > Software).
  • Select your OS (for the Relay Smart Agent) or Classroom to find the necessary agent.

Note: Consult your MDM product documentation, as the logon script deployment may vary depending on the MDM product. For JAMF customers, refer to the following documentation for Installing a PKG Wrapped Inside a DMG.