Installing Virtual Rockets in a Cluster

Another method for deploying the Web Filter is to install a virtual Rocket on your network. This Rocket can be installed with other Rockets on your network but should not be assigned to any role other than Web Filter.


16g of RAM
500g of HDD
2 CPUs
1 interface assigned to the network
Set the virtual host operating system to FreeBSD 11 – 64-bit

Installing a virtual Rocket

  1. Download the most recent ISO file.
  2. Open a virtual machine monitor and use the ISO file to mount the virtual Rocket (as a CD-ROM) in your virtual environment.
Note: We recommend only using one of the following virtual machine monitors when adding our virtual Rocket to your network.
  • -Xen
  • -VM Ware
  • -Hyper-V
  • Connect to the virtual Rocket.
  • Login with the default user name and password:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin
  • When the Rocket Configuration window opens, select Interface from the configuration Main Menu and press Enter.
  • Select the default interface from the list of management interfaces and press Enter to save the configuration.
  • Note: The default interface name will vary depending on your VM environment, but is noted with an asterisk.

  • Select Network and press Enter.
  • Enter the IP Address, Netmask and Default Router that you have selected for the virtual Rocket. Click the Tab button to select Save, then press Enter on your keyboard to save the Management NIC configuration.
    Note DHCP is not supported. You must assign static IP addresses to the virtual Rocket.
  • Select Exit to log out.
  • Note: Now that the virtual Rocket is on and running, follow our Web Filter Implementation guide to continue configuring your Web Filter.