Internet Access Policy

To change your classroom internet access policy during class time to Default, Internet Off, or Custom; click the Internet Access icon and choose a setting from the drop-menu.

  • Default– Applies the Internet Access policy set by your network administrator.
  • Internet Off– Students will not have Internet access when applied.
  • Custom– Limits Internet access only to sites listed in the Custom internet Access window.

Custom Internet Access

When setting Internet access to Custom, the Custom internet Access window opens. Enter sites in the text box (one per line). Select the checkbox “When a student changes their status…” to revert the student’s Internet Access policy back to Default after they set their status to Done.

Note: URLs containing a forward slash “/” are not accepted in this field.

Restrict or Block Internet Access to Sites Listed

Note: This feature is curently in Beta and only available to users running Relay Classroom with the Chrome extension.

Select one of the following options:

  • Restrict browsing to listed websites – when selected, only the sites listed below are accessible.
  • Block access to listed websites – when selected, sited listed below are blocked.

Enter a list of sites in the Websites field and click Apply to save the changes.