The Lightspeed Dashboard connects student devices to Mobile Manager, Classroom Orchestrator, the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter and the Campus Library to provide an easily managed classroom experience. Teachers control devices and web access from a single dashboard.

(Your dashboard may look different depending on which products you use.)

Campus Library

The Campus Library integrates with the Lightspeed Web Filter to provide safe access to YouTube videos, websites, and other CIPA compliant resources that would normally be blocked by the web filter. Add your own items and share them within your District or with the entire Lightspeed community. Browse or search the library by subject area or grade level, then push content to your students.

Classroom Orchestrator

Classroom Orchestrator lets teachers more easily manage students using mobile devices and keep them on-task and engaged. It provides a dashboard view of all student screens from which a teacher can drill down for details, record screen shots, or see what devices are filtered.

Mobile Manager

The Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager makes it easy to manage devices distributed throughout your schools and to maximize their educational benefits. Unique education-specific tools and policies split management between IT staff and classroom teachers, so everyone has the visibility and control they need, and no one is overburdened with management. Teachers can view battery levels, clear passcodes, and set temporary device policies.

Web Zones

Web Zones are like virtual rooms that teachers can use to temporarily override content filter rules. Teachers can specify web sites the students in their groups can or cannot access. The Web Zone will be applied automatically to all students in the group for the time you specify — as long as three hours, or as brief as five minutes. The Web Zone will expire automatically, or you can deactivate it manually.

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