Lightspeed Dashboard: Bulk Delete Groups

Deleting groups removes them from your district permanently and completely.

Note: This file is now picked up and processed nightly. 

Step 1: Create the delete_groups.csv file

To delete (permanently remove) groups, create a delete_groups.csv file, with one line per group, in the following format:

Column Field Name Description Notes
A unique_sis_group_id Unique ID in your SIS for each virtual classroom group to create. Must be unique within the entire district required
B group_name Name of the group/class required
C unique_sis_user_id The Group Owner. Unique SIS ID of the group owner (normally a teacher or other staff level user) required
D unique_sis_school_id Each Group is associated with either a school (typical), or a district. Enter the SIS ID for the school or district that is “home” for this group required


Column A Column B Column C Column D
unique_sis_group_id group_name unique_sis_user_id unique_sis_school_id

Caution: Open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet and verify that it only contains groups that should be affected by this operation.


bulk_delete_groups (2)

Step 2: Upload the groups.csv file to the Lightspeed Dashboard

  • Navigate to and log in as a District administrator.
  • Click the Admin Tools tile and select SIS.
  • Click the Actions button and select Bulk Delete Groups.


  • Click the Browse button to find and select the groups.csv file to upload.


Tip: Test by importing a sample file with just a few rows at first, then look at the SIS Error logs to find and correct any formatting errors in the CSV file.