Lightspeed Dashboard: Group Memberships Import

Use the import memberships.csv or memberships-v2.csv file to add or update group members and to add group admins in the Lightspeed Dashboard. This file MUST be named either memberships.csv or memberships-v2.csv. Files with any other name, case, or extension will be ignored.If both files are present on the server, only memberships-v2.csv will be processed.

Note: There is a functional difference in the way these two files are processed with regards to updating/removing memberships. We recommend that new clients use the memberships-v2.csv file format, as it allows for associating both subgroups and parent groups.

In memberships.csv, only groups are evaluated. All users who are listed in the file, but are not members of a group, the users will have that membership removed. If said group is not listed anywhere in the file, memberships in that group is unaffected.

In memberships-v2.csv, both users and groups are evaluated. Users are removed from groups that are not listed in the file, the same as memberships.csv. However, users will be removed from groups, even if the group is not listed anywhere in the file, as long as these conditions are present:

  • The user is listed somewhere in the file
  • The group has a SIS ID
  • The user was not added to the group manually

Note: memberships-v2.csv files must contain headers with the specific column Field Names below.

Create the memberships.csv or memberships-v2.csv file

Column Field Name Description Notes
A unique_sis_group_id Unique ID in your SIS for each virtual classroom group to populate. Must be unique within the entire district required
B unique_sis_user_id Unique ID for each user in your SIS who is a member of this group/class required
C unique_sis_school_id Each Group is associated with either a school (typical), or a district. Enter the SIS ID for the school or district that is “home” for this groups required
D mm_admin A blank value or a value of “0” will only add or modify user membership. A value of “1” will add the user as an admin of the group optional


Column A Column B Column C Column D
unique_sis_group_id unique_sis_user_id unique_sis_school_id mm_admin

A new field has been added in order to allow you to add admins to a group: mm_admin. Using this column to set an admin role will NOT make the user a member of the group. An additional line, without the 4th column, will need to be added to the CSV file.

The behavior of the 4th column is as follows:

  • If using a header line, this column should be named mm_admin.
  • Set the 4th column to “1” to make the user on that line an admin of the group.
  • Set the 4th column to “0” or leave it empty to add/modify group memberships.
  • If the user should be both an Admin and a Member of the group, then simply add a copy of the line without the 4th column.





Note: The import files must be named correctly or they won’t be imported.
Note: CSV files must be encoded as “UTF-8 without BOM”. There can be no spaces between each line.