Lightspeed Dashboard: Manually Import Users

Districts that do not have a Lightspeed Rocket web filter can manually upload a users.csv file to Lightspeed Dashboard to create user accounts.

Step 1: Create the users.csv file

To delete, disable, or move users, create a users.csv file, with one line per user, in the following format:

Column Field Name Description Note
A unique_sis_user_id Unique ID of the user in your SIS. Must be unique within the entire district required
B username The user’s login name. For users authenticating with an auth source on your Rocket, this should be their network username and must be unique to the district. required
C first_name First name of the user required
D last_name Last name of the user required
E unique_sis_school_id The SIS ID for each school, which must be unique within your district. required
F grade Grade level is optional unless you need to filter Campus Library items by grade level, or set restrictions policies in Mobile Manager by grade level.United States Student grade level or year (1 through 12) Use 0 (zero) for Kindergarten, and -1 (minus one) for Pre-KindergartenUnited Kingdom – Student year (1 through 12). Use -1 (minus one) for Reception, 0 for Year 1, 1 for Year 2, etc. For example:Reception- -1Year 1- 0

Year 2- 1

Year 3- 2

Year 13- 12

G email Email address where the user can receive notifications, messages, and alerts. optional
H user_type student: 1staff: 2 If left blank, the default user type student is used.
I password Only needed for users not authenticating with your Directory service Optional*


Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E Col. F Col. G Col. H Col. I Col. J
unique_sis_user_id Username first_name last_name unique_sis_school_id Grade Email user_type Password authentication

Caution: Open the file in a text editor or spreadsheet, and verify that it contains only users that should be affected by this operation.


Sample Users CSV Files

Note: The import files must be named correctly or they won’t be imported.

Important: CSV files must be encoded as “UTF-8 without BOM”.

Step 2: Upload the users.csv file to the Lightspeed Dashboard

  • 1. Navigate to and log in as a District administrator.
  • 2. Click the Admin Tools tile and select SIS.
  • 3. Click the Actions button and select Import Users.


  • 4. Click the Browse button to find and select the users.csv file to upload.


Tip: Test by importing a sample file with just a few rows at first, then look at the SIS Error logs to find and correct any formatting errors in the CSV file.