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Lightspeed Dashboard: Scheduled Import

Integrated with a Lightspeed Rocket Appliance

To enable scheduled imports using a Lightspeed Rocket appliance, you must configure your District and Schools in Lightspeed Dashboard. Integration consists of the following steps:

Importing via a Custom URL

Customers without a Lightspeed Rocket Appliance can use an external web server to host the import files.

Scheduled imports begin automatically around 6pm Pacific Time every day, and may take several hours to complete, depending on the number of records you are importing, and the number of other districts in the import queue.

The scheduled import runs only if there is a change to a .csv file since the last import. If there are no changes to the file, then the process will not run.

Enhanced Integration Options

For districts using compatible Student Information Systems, Lightspeed Systems offers enhanced integration services for purchase by districts. Benefits include:

  • “Hands-off” integration without the need to generate CSV files
  • Multiple syncs throughout the day, rather than the single daily sync for CSV imports.

The following Enhanced Integration services are available: