Lightspeed Dashboard: Sync Now

Scheduled CSV imports begin automatically around 6pm Pacific Time every day (1am GMT), and may take several hours to complete, depending on the number of records you are importing, and the number of other districts in the import queue. Further, the scheduled import runs only if there is a change to a .csv file since the last import. If there are no changes to the file, then the process will not run.

You can start a CSV import of users.csv, groups.csv, or memberships.csv before or after the scheduled import task, from the Admin Tools / SIS / Actions menu in Launch.

  • 1. Place the updated csv file(s) in your Lightspeed Rocket’s Network Share/sis_import folder or the Custom URL address on your web server.
  • 2. Navigate to and log in as a District administrator.
  • 3. Click the Admin Tools tile and select SIS.
  • 4. Click the Actions button and select Validate SIS Files first, so you can verify that the csv import file is correctly formatted.


  • 5. Click Actions and then SIS Error Logs to check for any errors in the files and make corrections to the files as needed, upload any updated files and try validating again.
  • 6. Once all errors are resolved in the files, click the Actions button and select Sync Now to begin importing your updated CSV files from your Rocket appliance. Notice the information message indicating that the import is in progress.


  • 7. Check the SIS Error Logs again to ensure all went according to plan.