The first step to importing your student information system (SIS) data is associating the fields in your SIS database with the corresponding fields in the Lightspeed Systems import files–then exporting the data in the correct sequence.

To get started, locate the “custom reports” interface in your SIS. That’s where you can specify the database fields to export. For the exported report file format, you’ll need a CSV with comma-separated values or “Excel” designated. Some SIS applications will let you click to select fields, while others may require you to write an SQL query.

Sample SIS Interfaces

Note: The CSV import file does not necessarily have to be generated by your student information system. You can export data from other applications as long as the export file is in the correct format. You can also create the file manually in a spreadsheet and save it as a CSV file.

CSV Specifications

Here’s the fine print.

SIS import error logs are accessible for troubleshooting inside Lightspeed Systems products.

Learn more about uploading SIS data via CSV, including the field names to map and how to import, here.