Teacher Classroom Orchestrator

Classroom Orchestrator lets teachers more easily manage students using mobile devices and keep them on-task and engaged. It provides a dashboard view of all student screens from which a teacher can drill down for details, record screen shots, broadcast their own screen to all student screens, lock all student devices to get eyes up front, push a weblink, and see what devices are filtered.


Groups Page

The Groups page shows all of your groups. On a school icon click the dropdown and select Orchestration to view and record student sessions in this group or Recorded Sessions to view the recorded sessions for this group.

Viewing and Recording Student Sessions

On the Groups page click the group’s icon to view it as shown below.


On a single group’s page you can:

  • Navigate between groups.
  • Configure group options.
  • Send links and files to students, and lock or unlock their devices.
  • Start and stop user sessions (described below).
  • Set the session length for this group (described below).
  • View previously-recorded sessions for all users in this group.
  • Record a session or to view previously-recorded sessions for that user (described below).
  • Activate this user in another group to the current group.
  • Control a student’s device.

Monitoring Student Activity

If you click a group and then click a student’s icon you can monitor the following about a student:

  • If you click Zoom, the session will expand to display the computer name and age as shown below. Click the session again to restore it to its original size.


  • An exclamation point icon next to their photo/name indicates that the user’s Internet access is not being filtered.


  • A number followed by “Minutes Old” indicates Classroom Orchestrator has not seen a screenshot or a heartbeat from the client in the number of minutes shown. For example, in the example below Classroom Orchestrator has not received a screenshot or heartbeat Isabella in 8 minutes and hasn’t received a screenshot or heartbeat from Alexis in 2 minutes.


  • A ghost icon with the message “student not active” shows that the user is not logged in.


Configuring Classroom Orchestrator Group Session Periods

To configure the session period for a group click dropdown next to the timer. The following will be displayed.


Select the session period, which can be from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Recording User Sessions

To record a user session select the dropdown next to the user’s name. You can record for 5, 15, or 30 minutes or view previously-recorded sessions as shown below.


Viewing Recorded Sessions

To view previously-recorded sessions select Recorded Sessions from the dropdown on the group or user. The following will be displayed.


Click on a session to display it as shown in the example below. You can also sort a recorded session by oldest-newest or newest-oldest.


Where can I learn more about Classroom Orchestrator?

You’ll find complete documentation here (may require login).