The following tables identify which ports you need to open in order to use Lightspeed System’s products. For security reasons, only the following ports should be open. Firewalls should not be configured with any port/any address rules inbound to the server as this will leave the server vulnerable to attacks from outside sources. If through troubleshooting procedures an any/any rule is put in place, it must be removed once testing has been completed.

Lightspeed Systems Rocket Port Cheat Sheet

Inbound Ports Outbound Ports Internal Ports
TCP-80 HTTP from anywhere (needed for mobile filtering,  Launch, and SIS Imports) TCP-80 HTTP to and (needed for filtering) TCP/UDP-1305 LTDP lookup (interrogation)
TCP-8080 Proxy (if you are using the Proxy Server) UDP-1311 (needed for filtering)These must be stateful UDP connections in the firewall; otherwise, you will need an inbound rule to allow UDP with a source port of 1311. TCP/UDP-1306 Identification Server Service; UA reporting, and Identification Subscription
TCP-25 SMTP (if you are using the Spam module) TCP-80 HTTP to (needed for licensing) TCP/UDP-1307 Reporting (used between parent and children appliances)
TCP-1999 to (needed for monitoring) TCP/UDP-1310 Policy (used between parent and children appliances)
TCP-80 HTTP to (needed for updates) TCP/UDP-15868 If using the Websense filtering protocol with a firewall
UDP-123 for date/time sync TCP-110 POP Archive module (if using the POP archiver on an internal mail system)
TCP-25 SMTP (needed for reports and the Spam module)
TCP-110 POP (Archive module if using a hosted mail service)
TCP-20 FTP (Spam module)
TCP-21 FTP (Spam module)


Lightspeed Systems Mobile Manager Port Cheat Sheet

All Operating Systems iOS Android Hosts
TCP-80 – this is the basic port used for internet and should be accessible (filtered ok) for devices to work properly. Please refer to the following Apple knowledgebase article for information on ports used by iOS devices: TCP-5228-5230 to any out (used to communicate to GCM servers)




Lightspeed Systems Classroom Orchestrator Port Cheat Sheet

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