Migrating to Mobile Manager from another MDM – iOS

You will need to perform the following in order to migrate from another MDM to Mobile Manager with iOS devices:

  • Convert VPP codes into MD licenses (if you plan on using MD, we highly recommend you do as you’ll always own the app license)
  • Remove the VPP Service Token from your old MDM.
  • Remove your current MDM profile from devices.
  • Install the VPP Service Token into Mobile Manager
  •  Enrol devices via DEP ideally or use the Apple Configurator if your devices do not support DEP.

How to convert unclaimed VPP codes into Managed Distribution (MD) licenses

Migrate from redemption codes to managed distribution with the Volume Purchase Program

With VPP codes, the Apple ID used to claim the code owns the app. If an Apple ID has claimed the code, and you do not have codes/licenses left to redeploy the app once you have moved MDM, you can sign into the devices with the Apple ID that claimed the code and download the app from its purchase history.

Moving from one MDM to another requires that the old MDM profile is removed from iOS devices, any apps pushed from that MDM will be removed.

You will need to remove the VPP Service Token if you have one in use from your old MDM before installing into MM, otherwise Apples API will automatically revoke user association to the service token and revoke licenses if you have it in use in multiple MDMs or even in Apples Profile Manager.

Useful Links

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