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Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager: Remove Devices from Groups (Organization Level)

Follow the steps below to configure a CSV file to bulk-remove devices from groups at the organizational level.

Step 1: Create the Devices to Groups CSV File

Column Field Name Description
A Device serial number The alphanumeric serial number for the device
B unique_sis_group_id Unique ID in your SIS for each virtual classroom group to create. Must be unique within the entire district.You can get the group’s SIS ID (or assign a SIS ID to a group that doesn’t have one) by logging into the Lightspeed Dashboard as an administrator and selecting Admin Tools / Groups, then searching for the group.


Column A Column B
Device serial number unique_sis_group_id


Step 2: Import the Devices to Groups CSV File into Mobile Manager

  • 1. Navigate to the organization where you want to bulk-remove devices.
  • 2. Click Settings.
  • 3. Click CSV Import.
  • 4. In the Remove Devices from Groups section, click Choose File.
  • 5. Select the file you created in “Create the Devices to Groups CSV File” above.
  • 6. Click Choose.
  • 7. Click Import File.