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Mobile Manager

Installing Windows 10 Apps from MBSP

Note: Windows BSP supports only Windows 10 devices.

Note: Before proceeding, you will need to have a Microsoft Azure AD account and be enrolled in BSP.

Here’s how to get started. Admins, try out the guided walkthrough.

1) Activate Mobile Manager on BSP. Log into the Microsoft Business Store Portal and navigate to Manage > Settings > Distribute.

Scroll down to Management tools and click Add a management tool. 

Search for Mobile Manager. Select it from the dropdown box and click Add. 

2) Add your Microsoft BSP Tenant to Mobile Manager. On Mobile Manager, go to Organization Settings > Microsoft BSP.

The BSP Tenant is the Azure AD Tenant ID found in the URL of the Azure Portal.


After clicking Add Account, you will be prompted for credentials on the MSFT Mobile Manager page. You should input your BSP Admin credentials here.

3) Add/purchase apps. After Activating Mobile Manager, you can add/purchase apps on Microsoft’s BSP.

4) Install apps on Mobile Manager. Go to Apps, click Install App, and select the Business Store Portal. If you don’t see an app in the inventory list, click Refresh Inventory.

Microsoft Install Apps

5) Review app assignments. Drill down on app reports to view users assigned to the apps. Go to Reports > Microsoft BSP and select an app.