Note: This policy only works on supervised devices.

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Configurable wallpaper parameters

Field Description OS Supported
Wallpaper Click Select wallpaper to choose and upload an image file from disk. OSX 10.14+

iOS 6 +

Location Options:
  • – Both
  • – Lock Screen
  • – Home Screen
OSX 10.14+

iOS 6 +

Note: Wallpapers can be removed under Settings > Wallpaper Management. 
Note: iOS zooms on the image by default. If you want the image centered you must size the part of the wallpaper that you want to appear on your screen to 935 x 1057 with the full size of the image being 2048 x 1536. Lock screen image should be 935 x 1195 and the Home screen image should be 935 x 1057 .