Web Shortcuts

With Web Shortcut policies you can push web clips to devices. These web shortcuts appear as Icons on the devices that users can tap to access a URL. They can be used for device enrollment and as a way for younger students to access websites without entering a URL.

To view, edit, or delete web clip policies:

  • 1. To view, edit, or delete web clip policies for the entire organization, navigate to the dashboard home page. To view, edit, or delete web clip policies for a group or sub group, navigate to that group or sub group.
  • 2. Click Policies.
  • 3. Click Web Clips.
  • 4. If necessary, click On Campus to configure an internal Web Clips policy or click Global (the default) to configure a global Web Clips policy.
  • 5. To add a new web clip profile click Add New. The following will be displayed:

Web Shortcuts

Configurable web shortcut parameters:

Field Description OS Supported
Label Enter the name of the label used to describe the web shortcut iOS6+, OS X, Windows 8.1, LMA Agent
URL Enter the URL to be displayed when the web shortcut is opened
Note: You can use the %user_enrollment_url% variable in this field. See Policy Variables for more information.
iOS6+, OS X, Windows 8.1, LMA Agent
Removable Select (check) this option to enable removal of the web shortcut iOS6+
Icon Click Select Icon to add a custom icon to this Web Shortcut.
Note: See below for detailed steps to add a custom icon.
iOS6+, OS X

Creating a Custom Web Clip Icon

Follow the steps below to create a custom Icon for iOS6+ and OS X Web Shortcuts. Please note that on iOS6+ devices the custom Icon will be replaced by the website’s Icon once it has been visited.

  • 1. Follow the steps above to configure a new Web Shortcut.
  • 2. In the Icon row click Select Icon.

Web Shortcuts 2

The following will be displayed:

Web Shortcuts 3


  • 3. Perform one of the following:
    • Use an existing Icon: Select an existing Icon and then click Select. Proceed to Step 4.
    • Upload a new Icon: Click Upload. The following will be displayed.


    • Drag and drop the Icon or click Browse to search for the icon on your computer. If you clicked Browse select the Icon and then click Choose.
    • Click Add.
  • 4. Click Save. The custom Icon will be displayed in the Icon row next to the Select Icon button as shown below.

Web Shortcuts 4

Note: Some Websites have an “Apple Touch” Icon built coded by default. This will override the custom icon setup in mobile manager option.