These settings allow you to control the behavior of Windows Update on managed Windows devices.

These options are available for Windows 10.

To view, edit, or delete Windows Update policies:

Windows Update

Field Values OS Supported
Update method Options:
  • Notify user
  • Auto download only
  • Auto install and restart
  • Auto install and restart at specific time
  • Auto install and restart without user control
  • Disable automatic updates
Windows 10
Scheduled install day Options:
  • Everyday
  • Monday … Sunday
Windows 10
Scheduled install time Options:
  • 00:00 … 03:00 … 23:00 hrs
Windows 10
Allow custom update server OffTo deploy Windows update packages from a network location, rather than from the official Windows Update website, turn this option On, then enter the URL for the update server in the Update Service URL field below. Windows 10
Allow non-Microsoft signed updates OffTo update other applications, and not just Windows, turn this option On. Updates will be sourced from the location specified in the Update Service URL field below. Windows 10
Update service URL Enter the URL or IP Address for the update service in this field. Windows 10
Defer non-security upgrades OffTo conserve bandwidth, turn this option On to configure Windows Update to send security patches only. Windows 10