Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Mobile Manager now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) for iOS 7+ and OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks).

With DEP,

  • Wirelessly enroll and supervise devices without the use of Apple Configurator.
  • Prevent Students from removing profiles.
  • Simplify the enrollment process.

Follow the steps below to configure DEP. Please note devices purchased more than 3 years prior to the date of your DEP enrollment are not eligible.

Before you begin you must enroll in Apple’s Deployment program. Please visit This website will provide:

  • Instructions to enroll devices into the Apple DEP program.
  • How to setup and configure devices over-the-air (OTA) with DEP.
  • And provide access to Apple’s Device Enrollment Program Guide.

Once your district is successfully enrolled in the Apple’s Deployment program, login into Mobile Manager and navigate to the district, school or group you want to enroll your devices.

Click Settings and then Apple DEP.


Download the certificate: On Apple go to your account, create a server, and give it a name.


Upload the PEM file that was downloaded from Mobile Manager.


You will then be asked if you wish to download your server token now.


You will receive a .p7m file.

Navigate back to the enrollment group in Mobile Manager, select Settings, and then Apple DEP.

Upload your credentials and give it a name.


You now have the ability to create a profile. Select Build Enrollment Profile and choose the appropriate settings.



Field Definition
Profile Name If needed, enter or edit the profile name.
Allow Pairing Check (select) this option to allow device pairing. For example, enable this option to allow Bluetooth device pairing.
Supervise Devices Check (select) this option to put iOS devices in Supervised mode.
Mandatory Check (select) this option to make Mobile Manager profiles on devices mandatory.
Removable (by user) Check (select) this option to let users delete profiles on their devices.
User Support Phone Enter a phone number for the profile for users to call.
Department Enter a department name for the profile.
Skipped Setup Items Check (select) the setup options (Passcode, Location, Restore, AppleID, Terms and Conditions, Siri, and Diagnostics) to skip during the device setup process for users. Skipping unused options can both shorten and simplify the setup process.

Click Create Profile.

Last, click Deploy Profile. You can then select certain devices or all devices.


From the Assign Profile dropdown list select a profile and then click Assign Profile to associate this profile with selected devices or from the Assign Profile dropdown list select a profile and then click Mass Assign Profile to associate this profile with all devices.


Current devices will have to be restored to factory default and go through the setup assistant in order to take advantage of DEP. Newly-purchased devices that have not gone through the setup assistant will automatically be enrolled in the group in which you setup DEP.

Watch: Overview of Apple DEP

Managing Apple DEP Enrollment Profiles

You can also view enrollment profile details as shown below. Organization admins can also remove enrollment profiles and update their credentials.


Viewing Enrollment Profile Details

To view enrollment profiles click Profile List. The following will be displayed.