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Mobile Manager

CSV Import

In Mobile Manager, admins can import CSV files to associate previously-enrolled devices with existing users and groups, add users to groups, bulk rename iOS8+ devices, and other tasks.

  • 1. Navigate to the organization (top) level.
  • 2. Click Settings.
  • 3. Click CSV Import. This action opens the following page:

CSV Import

  • 4. Find the import type in the list, then click Choose File.
  • Add a SIS ID to Users by Username: CSV has two columns–username and SIS ID

  • Connect Users to Devices by SIS ID and Serial Number: CSV has two columns–user’s SIS ID and the device serial number

  • Add Devices to Groups: CSV has two columns–device serial number and group SIS ID

  • Additional CSV import types allow you to mass update supervised iOS 8+ device names; mass update device asset tags; remove devices from groups; decommission devices by serial number; bulk wipe devices by serial number

  • 5. Select the CSV file to upload and click Choose (Finder) or Open (Explorer)
  • 6. Click Import File.


Click below for more information on each import type.