The Notifications policy is specific to shared iOS devices and allows you to set the notification preferences for specific apps. Click the Add New button to add a new notification.

You will then have a variety of notification options. Click Search Apps to the left of Bundle Identifier to select a specific app for notifications.

The following will pop up. Here you can search for a specific Store or MDM app within the search bar. Click your desired app in the results in order to select it.

Once you have selected the app, you can set a variety of notification options, including:

  • Allow Notifications – Whether you want to allow notifications or not.
  • Show in Notification Center – Whether you want the notifications to show in the notification center.
  • Show on Lock Screen – Whether you want the notifications to show on the lock screen.
  • Alert Type – The type of alert (banners or alerts)
  • Badge app icon – Whether you want to show the app icon.
  • Sounds – Whether you want notification sounds to play.

Once you’ve selected your options. Click Save.